Death Penalty Term Paper

Term Paper On Death Penalty

Death, the most feared word in the human mind and dictionary, is real and inevitable. However, it is wrong for an innocent person to die a death that was never intended for them at a time they were never meant to die. Moreover, it is even more painful when a human being dies in the hands of a fellow human who should be upholding their right to life. For many years, the death penalty has been one of the best tools for avenging innocent blood on the heads of murderers.

But as times have changed, the value of human life has been relegated to the peripherals with different “arguments” flying around regarding the validity of the death penalty. For example, it is sheer irresponsibility for any sensible government to claim it has a moral, sacred, and legal obligation to protect human life and at the same time fail to punish murderers. Such moves have led to the rise of sharp divisions regarding such blatant double standards where states which have abolished the death penalty for murder still execute those guilty of treason. When writing a term paper on this topic, you should do so with an objective mind without fear. You should also state your positions based on reason, and not mere arguments while putting yourself in the shoe of murder victims or their close family members.

Sample Term Paper Topics on the Death Penalty

In this section, we shall look at some of the hottest topics to inspire your term paper assignments on this subject.

  1. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  2. Is the death penalty deterring murder?
  3. Why are civil and human “rights” groups agitating for the abolition of the death penalty?
  4. Explore the double standards in the anti-death penalty crusade
  5. How can a government that abolishes the death penalty claim to respect the sanctity of human life?
  6. Does the abolition of the penal code fuel murder?
  7. If you lost a close friend or family member to murder, would you still support the abolition of the death penalty?
  8. Proponents of the abolition of the penal code cite “human dignity” as a reason for their argument: Don’t murder victims also have a right to the same dignity?
  9. If executing a convicted murderer is “inhumane,” is the murder of innocent people humane?
  10. Does the death penalty bring justice to murder victims and their families?

Even though the death penalty is pegged on a very obvious premise—the protection of human life and its dignity—too much controversy surrounds it. When writing a term paper on this topic, be objective in your approach and use your moral and intellectual faculties to state your arguments. The reason is that the issues at hand concern human life, and hence, they deserve the highest seriousness. With the ideas and topics we have shared in this post, we believe you are now in a better position to write a cogent term paper on the death penalty.

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