Global Warming Term Paper

Term Paper On Global Warming

For the last three decades, global warming has dominated the world with proponents and critics pulling the rope to their side. Its proponents treat it as an article of faith while critics treat it as another hoax and myth intended to scare people.When writing a good term paper on this topic, you should be careful since you will not receive universal acceptance from the two sides of the divide.

Therefore, approach this topic in a sober and balanced manner. Additionally, it is needful to deal with the topic from a position of research and understanding to verify your claims. If you choose to support it, you should research well to find the latest information about it. If you choose to oppose it, you should also inform yourself with the latest details on the subject. This way, you will be an informed critic or proponent offering your readers accurate facts—not personal opinions and likes.

Topics on Global Warming

Despite the sharp divisions in opinion regarding this subject, you can still find good topics to write on. That is why we have compiled this list of 15 hot topics to fire you up for your next term paper.

  1. Discuss how deforestation is contributing to global warming
  2. Explore the effects of industrial emissions on the earth’s climate and atmosphere
  3. Explain why carbon dioxide is a leading cause of global warming
  4. Is the oil-dependent auto industry a cause of warming?
  5. Do you think the adoption of hydrogen vehicles will help in cooling the earth?
  6. Why is it a few centuries before the industrial revolution the earth was warmer than it is if indeed carbon emissions are the main cause of global warming?
  7. Why are we having more meetings on global warming with very little action from the main players?
  8. If industrial emissions are the source of global warming, what is the future of industries and the millions of people they employ?
  9. Do you think world nations have any solid plan for alternative energy to deal with global warming?
  10. How is global warming affecting food security on earth?
  11. How is global warming affecting marine life?
  12. What are the effects of global warming on world tourism?
  13. How is global warming affecting wildlife?
  14. Discuss how global warming is affecting the economies of developing nations
  15. Explain how global warming is affecting the economies of developed nations

Global warming is one of the most heated debates in our day with its proponents terming it a world danger and critics rubbishing it as another hoax and myth. Therefore, be very careful when approaching it in your term papers since none of the two camps is propagating a Gospel truth. As a smart student, you should look at the two sides of the divide before taking a stand for or against it. By looking at the topics we have suggested, you will bring yourself into a better position of knowing where to stage your arguments.

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