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Term Paper On History

He who forgets history is bound to repeat it — so goes the saying. When facing a term paper relating to this topic, you should be astute in interpreting the past, relating it to the present, and showing your readers how it can affect the future.When writing your paper, write in the past tense because you are covering past events. Also, you have to remain formal in your language remembering that you are dealing with an academic task. Therefore, it is needful to avoid all forms of slang of abbreviated English in your paper.

Moreover, you ought to use short sentences and paragraphs to allow your readers to navigate the paper easily. This way, it is easy to make your points cogently and clearly. Also, it is necessary for the easy flow of ideas and transition of thoughts. You also have to counter check the accuracy of your claims and dates since history is connected to dates, without which your paper would lose credibility. Lastly, it is needful to offer your reader accurate and authoritative sources for your task to allow him or her to trust your paper’s authority.

Hot Sample Topics for Your History Term Paper

Getting the right topic for your history term paper is one of the initial steps of drafting an effective assignment. Here are sample topics to help you get started.

  1. Describe how the ancient battle conquests have helped in shaping our current world map
  2. Explore the main reasons behind the downfall of all the major world empires such as Greece and Babylon
  3. Discuss how the major world religions have shaped the geo-political map of our modern world
  4. A strong link exists between the First and Second World Wars. Can you identify their causes and effects?
  5. What components led to the rise and success of the Greek Empire?
  6. Explore and discuss the secrets behind the success of the Roman Empire
  7. Discuss the worst moments in human history and their causes
  8. Explore the impact of the Buddhist religion on the Chinese Empire
  9. Discuss the reasons that led to the downfall of the British Empire
  10. What reasons led Iraq to invade Kuwait in 1990?
  11. Discuss the worst natural disasters that have affected mankind and how they affected human history
  12. Could have the world be a better place if the First and Second World Wars never happened?
  13. Discuss how China has emerged from a conservative society to a significant world player
  14. Explain the sense in the Time magazine recognizing Hitler in 1938 as the man of the year and yet a few years later, he died as a villain
  15. The First Gulf War was justified. Why do you think the second Gulf War lacked legitimacy in the eyes of many people?

Writing history term papers requires perfect hindsight and present insight that can interpret past events and project them to future events through foresight. With what we have shared in this post, we believe you have sufficient and necessary raw materials to take your game to the next level.

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