Term Paper on Abortion

Term Paper On Abortion

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in modern debates. Its proponents believe every woman has a right to do what she wants with it as long as that woman isn’t her mother when she was carrying her in the womb! Again, it proponents argue that a fetus is not a human being but they weep if the same unborn baby miscarries and give it an emotional human burial. This is one of the reasons prolife crusaders accuse them of double standards and selfishness because they are beneficiaries of their mothers’ pro life stand.

Its critics urge that a human being in the womb has the same rights as a born one. They cite moral and religious convictions as a ground for their unrelenting defense of the life of the unborn. As a student, you need to know how to tread when dealing with a term paper touching on abortion. You need to take your stand and expect to please and offend readers in equal measure since you can’t please everyone. The only thing to pay attention to is maintaining the respect of your readers even as you debunk what the other camp cherishes and clings to.

Sample Topics on Abortion

Given the emotive and controversial nature of this subject, you should approach it with topics you can discuss conclusively. Here are 15 hot samples to inspire your next term paper on abortion.

  1. Why should you abort your unborn baby when your mother didn’t abort you?
  2. Pro Lifers accuse their colleagues in the pro abortion camp of selfishness and hypocrisy: Do you agree with this position?
  3. If those who oppose abortion are called pro lifers, should the proponents of abortion be called prodeathers?
  4. Pro abortionists accuse pro lifers of being judgmental and intolerant to their opinions: Do you believe that is true?
  5. Abortion has long-term health effects on the life of the mother: Is that enough reason to outlaw it?
  6. Do you think the government should ban abortion?
  7. Do you believe the government should legalize abortion?
  8. Do you think adoption should be adopted as an alternative to abortion?
  9. Should abortion be introduced as a subject in school?
  10. Is it morally right for owners of abortion clinics to enjoy profits made from the termination of innocent lives?
  11. How does abortion affect the relationship of a mother with her husband if she does it without his consent?
  12. Is the argument that the legalization of abortion makes it safer to abort a cover-up profiteering?
  13. Should the government hike taxes on abortion clinics to make the business less lucrative?
  14. Should the state set a limit to the number of abortions one can secure in her lifetime?
  15. Do you think religious beliefs can help to reduce abortion?

Abortion is an emotive subject, and hence, you need to approach it soberly. We hope the details and topics we have discussed in this post will help you succeed in writing your next term paper on abortion.

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