Term Paper on Bullying

Term Paper On Bullying

Currently, more than 600,000 children miss school for fear of bullying. These kids fear their fellow students will attack, intimidate, and ridicule them.Moreover, such kids feel unsafe in school besides risking lower grades in class. Additionally, bullying in schools comes in different forms, taking place between students with a disparity in their balance of power. It involves perpetrators who have a significant advantage over their helpless and innocent victims since it is impossible for people at the same level of strength to intimidate each other. The imbalance of power between the victim and aggressor depends on several factors most of which the victim has no control over. For instance, bullies take advantage of younger students to bully them. Additionally, they take advantage of their superior physiological and physical strength to terrorize their colleagues.

Moreover, bullying in our schools is intentional since the perpetrator is keen on harming their victims. The vice takes different forms where victims can face direct or indirect bullying such as physical violence, teasing, verbal abuse, mockery, beating, and boxing. Bullies also resort to indirect tactics where they isolate and “excommunicate” their victims from their company. They may also use mudslinging tactics to soil the victim’s name. That is why you need to pay attention to these issues when composing your term papers on this topic.

Sample Topics on Bullying

The success of your term papers on bullying depends on how you select your topics. This section has sample topics to inspire you.

  1. How can you help to stop bullying in school?
  2. What should learning institutions do to tame bullying?
  3. Should bullies be arrested and charged in a court of law?
  4. Should the government enact stiffer anti-bullying laws?
  5. Discuss how bullying destroys academic standards in school
  6. Explore reasons why a young person claiming to be sane should bully fellow students
  7. Discuss the effects of bullying on the self-esteem of its victims
  8. How should parents protect their kids from online bullying?
  9. Discuss the effects of online bullying on its victims
  10. Is online bullying more destructive than physical bullying?
  11. How does physical bullying differ from cyber-bullying?
  12. Discuss the similarities between online and offline bullying
  13. Where do you draw the line between bullying and teasing?
  14. Since bullying is a disease and a form of insanity, discuss ways through which bullies can get help
  15. How should bullying victims defend themselves?

Bullying is an ugly vice in our schools. As people become more inhumane, it is now becoming almost normal to hear of young people succumbing to direct or indirect effects of bullying. It takes different forms, occurs between the strong and weak, and it is continuous. When writing your term papers on this topic, it is necessary to factor in all these issues to make your paper more cogent and informative. We believe the information and sample topics we have shared in this post will help your up your game in this assignment.

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