Term Paper About Political Science

Term Paper About Political Science

Even though politics is a heated and emotive subject, it is still important enough to find its place in our university and college syllabus. Besides, writing a term paper on this subject is fascinating and challenging. But is it possible to write a perfect political science paper? You can do it if you know how to do it right and have some inspiring topics that can motivate you into action.

To start on a strong footing, it is needful to focus on the question or questions you will be addressing. Second, it is beneficial to understand why the questions arise and their origin—in the real world events or literature. Third, you have to give your readers a background that crystallizes your questions and places them in their respective context. Fourth, come up with the answers you will offer to these question and summarize them in a few lines. Fifth, it is needful to show your readers how you will arrive at your answers and share with them your sources and methods of doing so. This way, you will elevate yourself to a higher pedestal of excelling in your political science term paper assignments.

Sample Topics on Writing a Political Science Term Paper

This section covers some of the most interesting sample topics to start you off. Read on to learn more.

  1. Discuss ways in which multinational corporations are affect foreign direct investments in the emerging economies of the world
  2. What is the secret role of multinational corporations in influencing international and domestic politics?
  3. Many schools of thought exist with some of them suggesting that modern terrorism is a tool for political manipulation. Do you agree with them?
  4. Is the war on terrorism in itself terror? Give reasons for your answers
  5. What are the negative effects of globalization on poor countries?
  6. Why is it up to date men are still dominating local and international politics despite all the talk and efforts about gender parity?
  7. Some people argue that the absence of civil wars in the West indicates that these wars are artificially manufactured to achieve selfish ends by a few faceless players. Do you agree with these sentiments?
  8. Why is it ethnic conflict is increasing despite all the efforts of globalization to have human brotherhood?
  9. Are political and military coups a solution to political problems are a part of the problem?
  10. Discuss the role of the military in state formation
  11. Did the Obama presidency signify the elevation of minority communities in the arena of American politics?
  12. Discuss how technology is affecting modern voting and electoral processes across the world
  13. Explore how the military influences the local political landscape of the developing nations
  14. Compare and contrast how the military fits in democratic and dictatorial regimes
  15. Why do we have inequalities in political representation among various ethnic groups?

Emotive, controversial, and fascinating are the keywords that describe political science term papers. We hope the insights we have shared will help you to improve how you tackle your future assignments.

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